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About Us


Impact Volleyball Academy was formed in 2009 as a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation by founder Teri Messner. It was created out of a vision in which the founder saw a need for a volleyball club in Central Florida that is run ethically, with accountability, transparency and to benefit the community which it serves.

Why Impact Volleyball Academy is the right choice?
At IVA, every athlete is pushed to reach their own peak ability. We provide an elite level of training by equipping each team with highly skilled coaches, equipment and every opportunity to succeed. As a club, both the directors and all coaches are united in their philosophies, efforts and training practices to create a cohesive club which will serve each girl throughout all levels of competition. Upon joining IVA, all athletes and their parents become part of the family. The family atmosphere combined with elite training and an emphasis on character building truly sets Impact Volleyball Academy apart from other clubs.

Our Mission Statement
Impact Volleyball Academy's mission is to provide athletes in the Central Florida area with the highest level of technical, tactical and physical training available so that they may reach their peak potential as volleyball players. We seek to instill values that will help each athlete to succeed both on and off the court including: a sense of family, hard work, perseverance, discipline, commitment, teamwork, competition and respect. Impact Volleyball Academy strives to offer a consistent and unified coaching philosophy and process for every member at a reasonable cost.

Our Philosophy

Quality Skills Training - Impact Volleyball Academy's directors and coaching staff pride themselves on adhering to an educational program that is derived from the fundamental skills of volleyball. We are dedicated to providing a highly skilled coaching staff that has the tools, knowledge and desire to teach a high level of technique and tactics to assist each athlete in reaching their peak potential. We seek to provide each individual with the knowledge and opportunity to advance their physical ability in ways that compliment both the sport of volleyball and a healthy lifestyle.

Values for life -  We recognize that, while the experience of playing competitive volleyball has inherent value in the skills learned, the most important lessons we teach extend far beyond the court. We desire for all our athletes to learn and value the character traits of a sense of family, hard work, perseverance, discipline, commitment, teamwork, competition and respect. We hope to use the sport of volleyball and its many teaching and learning opportunities to show the importance and life value of all these traits.

An Elite and Unified Coaching Staff -   Impact Volleyball Academy prides itself on its stringent adherence to providing all of its members with a consistent and unified coaching philosophy and process. From our youngest age group through high school graduation, we make every effort to teach the same fundamentals so that as an athlete grows with us, they know what is expected and valued by our coaching staff. We are committed to accommodating only the number of teams for which we have above average coaches who are qualified and complement our system. Further, our club provides and develops a coaching staff that holds to and values the tenets of Impact Volleyball Academy.

At a Reasonable Cost - Impact Volleyball Academy aims to provide the community with programs that are competitively coached and run, while doing so at a reasonable cost. In the state of Florida, especially in the Central Florida area (Orlando and Tampa), many volleyball clubs exist under the assumption that to get the best training you must adhere to a program that requires participating members to pay increasingly high prices. Volleyball has developed to the point that this is no longer necessary. Other clubs seek to provide value with lower cost programs that are often poorly run, either ethically or by providing a lower level of training. Impact Volleyball Academy wants to provide well run elite training, but on a close to cost basis that allows players from all socioeconomic backgrounds to participate.

Impact Volleyball Academy provides a fundraising program which allows an opportunity for all players to participate. So as to benefit both the community and those athletes, the organization will use its 501(c)(3) status to generate community interest in supporting such athletes through a tax-deductible donation process.

The guiding business philosophy described above sets apart Impact Volleyball Academy from other clubs in the area. It is organized so that, above all, it is true to its purpose as mentioned in the mission statement. Unique to other volleyball clubs nearby, we have detailed goals and plans to achieve those goals. Impact Volleyball Academy is created such that there is a system of accountability to itself, those it serves and its community it is not in existence to serve itself, its founders or its board of directors.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to commonly asked questions.   Club FAQ's.docx    Youth Program FAQ's.docx 

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